Saturday, January 26, 2013

Update - January 26, 2013

Together, we're stronger!

I guess I spoke a little too soon with my previous blog update. Brian, the eldest boy, is now in the hospital. The blood results have revealed that he has the flu, which has led to excess fluid in his lungs. 

He hadn't been feeling well for a few days, which happened to have occured over the weekend when family phycians can't be reached. Then, on Monday he was kept home from school again, in the hopes that one more day would lead to his feeling well enough, to be able to go  back to school. He was then seen by his family physician, who felt it was the flu or the beginning of pneumonia and he was given an anti-biotic. He walked in and out of the doctor's office on his own accord and seemed to be in the actual 'getting better' side of things.

He was checked by his parents at midnight and appeared to be sleeping well. Then, in the morning he awoke with severe shortness of breath, rapid and small respirations, unable to carry his own weight and poor capillairy return in his fingertips.  He was taken directly to the hospital where he was admitted, given the proper treatment and admitted to the intensive care unit there. 

Having Myotonic Dystrophy, he doesn't have the muscle tone to cough hard enough to dislodge the mucous from his lungs.

He is now in an isolation room on the main children's floor and being watched very carefully. Our main concern now is his inability to maintain a proper oxygen saturation, while breathing only room air and his complete lack of appetite. So, he's still on a small amount of oxygen and has intravenious fluids going, along with  two IV antibiotics. He gets aerosols and regular percussion to his back to help loosen some of the mucous in his lungs. 

Brian's Mom had been staying with him, but she isn't feeling well herself and their youngest boy, Aiden, has been coughing more over the past couple of days. She's felt it best to stay home with him. Dad is  now at the hospital with Brian.

They don't have an operating vehicle right now, so Grammie had been doing a lot of driving back and forth, from their home and to the hospital.  I'll be taking a turn at the hospital, early next week to give both parents a break.

We're thankful that so far, it's just been the one child afflicted with this nasty flu. We're very confident that he will have a full recovery and gain back his lost weight. Teenage boys have a tendancy to do that.

We're still remaining positive and are appreciative of the kind thoughts and prayers sent by many family and friends.

If you'd like to find out more information on this flu, please click here.  If you'd like more information on Myotonic Dystrophy, please select the name highlighted.


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  1. What a scare you all had. Happy to hear Brian is presently doing better...hopefully he'll soon have a full recovery from the dreadful flu!

  2. Thank you for you kind comment, Monica. I do appreciate it.

  3. Update to this entry. Brian is fully recovered and now back to school, being a typical teenager again.