Sunday, December 16, 2012

Community Christmas Party Dec. 15, 2012

The local community Christmas party was pretty busy. Young Aiden made himself a colorful bracelet and went on a scavenger hunt, for tree decorations, on a local nature trail with his Mom and cousin. When the noise of the 52 plus young children and their parents got to be a little much, for him, he took refuge in the kitchen and watched the festivities from there.
He did well and only had a little melt down when a youngster was brought into the kitchen crying. He was quickly consoled by his loving Mom. So, he watched the rest of the festivities from there in the kitchen, until it was time to leave. He was very proud of his bracelet he'd made, but didn't even want to peek at Santa though the doors of the kitchen, as he handed out gifts to all the children. He ended up going home with a treat from Santa anyway.

Making a colorful bracelet with a little of Mom's help.

Showing off the finished bracelet.

Scavenger hunting for tree decorations on the local nature trail with  Mom and a cousin.