Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Aiden and Brian's Annual trip to the Stan Cassidy Center for Rehabilitation

The boys made their annual trip to the Stan Cassidy Center for Rehabilitation, in Frederiction this week. For anyone not familiar with this Center  here is a link to their site. SCCR

They have an expert team of specialists in many disciplines including Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Recreational Therapy, Dietian, Social Work, the Fundy Chaper of Muscular Dystrophy Director, all coordinated by a Paediatric Medical Director who has become very familiar with the family over the years they have been seeing them. 

We are very fortunate to have these services available for us, here in Canada, at no cost to the boys and their family.

Several areas of concern and needs were addressed by the parents and team. Then, plans were formulated to work towards achieving these goals. It was a very busy, information packed, but productive day for the boys, their Mom, Dad and me (Grammie).

The boys took a few minutes break in the center's gymnasium, which is fully equipped for assessment  and play for all various levels of ability.

Aiden showing off his ball throwing skills.

Aiden playing with a downward spiralling car track, as Brian watches on.

Brian showing off his free weight skills.

Aiden, not to be outdone, showing off his skills, with the free weights

After getting bored with all the "technical talk', Aiden borrowed Grammie's camera to do a little photographing on his own.

 Aiden's capture  of his Dad and brother,as one of the staff is speaking with the rest of the family.

Big brother, Brian, Mom and Grammie, captured by Aiden.

For more information on Myotonic Dystrophy, please select the this link  Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Aiden's Upcoming Trip to the Hospital

This coming week will be a little concerning for Aiden, his Mom, Dad and myself. Aiden is going to be getting several of his baby teeth removed. In order to do that he will require an anaesthetic. His front teeth fell out as they were supposed to do. His back teeth didn't fall out, but the second teeth are coming in, therefore crowding in his mouth.

Aiden has a fear of anything new. He especially  has a fear of lying down flat, except to go to his own bed for sleep.This made even the simplest of dental exams very difficult. So he shall be going to the hospital, this week and will be given something to make him sleepy, before going for the surgery to remove his baby teeth.

I have no doubt he shall be sore for a couple of days. Even that too, presents a problem with him taking in nutrition, post surgery. He has an aversion to any foods that are soft and mushy, like pudding, ice-cream, yogurt, jello and the like. All the things the 'professionals' recommend after this type of surgery. We shall try to get his nutrients into him via popsicles made with fruit and nutritional supplements.

We have no doubt his shall recover nicely. Our main concern is the anaesthetic.  His parents have spoken to an Anaesthetist who feels this procedure will go smoothly.
So we are confident  that things shall go well and his recovery will  be uneventful.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

A quick update:

Aiden is home after having 11 baby teeth and 1 abscessed second tooth removed. After some medication, for the evening for his sore mouth, Aiden settled well and and slept all night, without waking in pain. Tough little guy he is!

This morning he had a soft scrambled egg, milk, juice and water.  His Mom is hoping to get him back to school soon as soon as he can eat regular food again.

Thanks you for the prayers and well wishes. They have obviously helped. 

By the Way. He got 12 shiny Loonies from the Tooth Fairy!